• Pledge 1% To Foster The Sea

SEAthletes supports Pledge 1%. Pledge 1% empowers companies to donate 1% of employee time, 1% of product, or 1% of profits to nonprofit organizations to increase their impact. SEAthletes created One For Sea to recognize Pledge 1% companies that support our efforts to nurture the sea.


Pledging 1% to One For Sea helps us to inspire the next generation to nurture the sea through recreation, education and conservation. One percent goes a long way in allowing every young person to recreate on the sea at no cost to them.

1% of Time

You can change the world in just 5 minutes a day. 1% of a work year is 20 hours, or 5 minutes a day. Employees can give those 20 hours to volunteering for SEAthletes at NSX in February or SeaFest in October. Engaging the next generation is rewarding. Giving 20 hours in a whole year can make a lasting impact in a young person’s whole life.

1% of Product

There are some key items needed to take young people paddling on the water. Personal flotation devices, aqua shoes and sunscreen are some of the basics. New canoes, kayaks and paddles are some of the luxuries. 1% of a company’s products can help us get more kids on the water and have them using the best equipment.

1% of Profits

It’s all about engaging the next generation. The young people at the Salton Sea today will be the future stewards who will be preserving the diversity and wonder of the sea.

By donating 1% of profits, businesses become guardians of the waterways. A small investment in young peoples lives yields a high social profitability.


If we want things to change,
let’s change the way we look at things.


There are 914 species of birds in the US. Over 425 make a pit stop at the Salton Sea during migration season. It’s the world’s most important stop on the Pacific Flyway.

The Salton Sea is also home to an estimated 400 million tilapia.


Farms around the Salton Sea produce over 2/3 of the US crops during the winter. It’s home to the largest producer of carrots and peppers. Agriculture generates over $1 billion each year. It’s second only to tourism in the Coachella Valley.


The Salton Sea’s geothermal reservoir is one of the word’s largest and hottest, with water heated to temperatures greater than 500° Fahrenheit just one mile below sea level. If harnessed, there’s enough energy to supply 1 million homes every day.


At 360 square miles, it’s the largest body of water in California. In the 1960s, more people visited the Salton Sea than Yosemite Nation Park.

The Salton Sea is Class A REC 1 water. The sea is open for all types of water craft and water recreation sports. Whether your like kayaking, fishing, outrigger canoe, standup paddle, swimming or just sunset watching, this is the place for you.

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